Saturday, March 12, 2011

In Jesus's Name...

I am so thankful for blind faith mixed with obedience.  Jesus taught all of us to not only take His word to the ends of the earth, but to cast out demons and heal the sick. God's word in the heart of a friend and disciple  Belony, the first time I met Belony, his smile lit up my classroom as he worked with me the first month of my English class.  From that time he was a young man of integrity, and so on fire for the Lord it was infectious. Last year we had the opportunity to sit in the new kitchen of the seminary and hear all about what had been happening in his ministry post earthquake. I was so thankful for this young man, and all that he believed he could do for his people. I prayed silently that God would give me the same passion for reaching the people of Haiti. This blog is a repost from friends we served with in Haiti. It is lengthy because I have posted Stacey's post in its entirety. She is a gifted writer that allows me to feel like I too was there. Recently at church we have been talking about signs and wonders, healing the sick, raising the dead. It can happen...are you ready to boldly pray for what looks to be an impossible situation? 

You gotta read this. 

Morning, family!  Didn't plan on blogging today but just heard great news I'm anxious to share.  Yesterday afternoon, Lily and I were across the street, playing/talking with a household of women and small children.

While we were there, Belony, Junior and Lynton approached, and I knew they were heading for Konpech.  It was late in the day, but they wanted to share the next Bible story and show the Jesus film as it was getting dark if Konpech was interested.  However, when they arrived, the community was in a bit of an uproar.

A woman in the community was terribly sick, and had been for several weeks. No one was very interested in the guys because everyone was concerned about this woman who was quite seemingly breathing her last.

For over a month now she had been unable to get up, had been unable to urinate for 3 or 4 days now, and was quite lethargic.

Belony (dear Belo...please keep lifting up this apostle) immediately asked if he could pray for the woman, and the men of the village quickly and harshly told him "NO."

However, in just a few moments, someone from the woman's household came to them and asked if they would please come and pray.

The guys headed into the house, where everyone was very divided.  Half the household yelled that they couldn't pray for her, the other half, that it was her only hope.

"Stop," said Belony.  "Let me tell you a story first.  I want to tell you about a guy
 named Pehpay."

But immediately, Belo was interrupted.  "We already know about Pehpay!" the people said.

"GOOD," said Belo.  "Then you know that he should have already been dead a long time now, but that instead he and I were hanging out at the Seminary earlier this afternoon, because of God's great power in his life."

"Yes," everyone said.  "We heard that some man of God came to him and that God healed him and that he is alive and well today."

Just then, the master of the house silenced everyone and asked the guys to please pray for her, as that it seemed to be the last hope.

Belony said everyone stood to the side with their arms crossed, just staring, while Belony, Lynton and Junior prayed for the woman.  After a few moments, Belony said he felt very moved to grab the woman's arm.

"Because of Jesus, Get UP" he commanded her.
And she did.

Once again, I find myself with complete lack of language to describe something so miraculous.

She did.  She got up, and immediately ran from the house, saying, "I've got to pee!"  (you're allowed to smile...I know He is :)

When she was finished, everyone crowded around her to help her stand, and Belony said, "Back off!  Let her stand."

And she did.  She was completely with them now, standing strong, and immediately, Belo said, raised her arms to praise Jesus.  By now, the entire village had come out, and the crowd parted as the head of Konpech, the lead witchdoctor, came to see for himself.

He stared at the woman and her household, arms raised in praise of a God they have barely been introduced to.

Finally, he spoke begrudgingly and shuffled back out of the circle : "When I offer the sacrifice for our demons, now, I will no longer offer them for your house."

Everyone was deathly silent.

Don't" said the healed woman.

With a community completely amazed, baffled and astounded behind them, the guys headed home.

"I didn't ask anyone to become a Christian," Belony said.  "They were just reeling.  They needed some time for it to soak in."

But suddenly he broke out this morning in his signature God-grin.  "But I will today!"

After lunch today the student body will make the hike together and do what the Body of Christ is supposed to do....join together and life-on-life Konpech, preaching and sharing and praying the whole gospel according to their gifting.

Sound a little crazy?  Jesus is.  Spend five minutes in any part of your Bible and tell me that this can't be. SO excited that Christ's power through Belony got a little crazy in our dirt corner of the world yesterday.

Go share this blog with someone, and I'll keep you posted after this afternoon. Stacey

Stacey's blog is on my favourites, just click on the link to stay updated on all that God is doing in Haiti with the students of Emmaus Biblical Seminary. 
You can also read more of the exciting way God is using Belony at:

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