Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Least Among You

Well interestingly enough I think we over use this phrase. Scripturally I understand that Jesus tells us as we remember the least of these, feed them, give them a drink, He makes the parallel that we are to see Him. Would we walk past Jesus sitting on the side of the road asking for spare change? Would we take care of children in our prayers but never commit to a life overseas being His hands and feet?
I have studied every book I can on faith, on missions, on hope, and on expectancy. Each author takes a stab at a different part of the process and I love to learn, but my desire is to do? We started our day with a link to a video we were sent, that had us in tears. Someone else was telling the world exactly what we were thinking. That was cool. (see below)
Tonight we watched the movie "The Least Among You" starring one of my favourite male actors, Lou Gossett Jr. and once again I was a not disappointed. His role of mentor to the young Richard Kelly (Rev. Charles Marks) was brilliant. The film based on the true story of Marks post the Watts riots of 1965 and the first African American student at an all white seminary. Small review: The Least Among You isn’t the standard “oppressed person makes good” story. It addresses prejudice on many different levels, demonstrating how stereotyping and prejudice negatively affect humans from many different arenas including race, religion, economic status, and geographic location.

 Gossett Jr. says "I just want my life to count for something, I just want one person to be inspired like footprints in the garden. At which point the young man says "to me you are the garden." It was a wee bit of tear jerker, as we all know people God has put in our lives to spur us on. I have gardeners in my circle of friends and family too numerous to mention.

The final challenge like a gauntlet thrown down in front of his all white honour change and accept integration of all students regardless of race.

"Act on your faith not on your fear, what we believe over what we know"

I am all filled up, content and blissfully aware of His presence in my times of fear, His presence in my times of uncertainty, His commitment to never leave me.
Does it get any better than this? I think not!
As I promised from above...Depraved Indifference...the same message twice in one day..thanks God!
Watch this link but grab the Kleenex first, Blessings on you and your families, C

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