Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday ....I Love U

In Finland 2years old
Last night while watching TV, I heard Jussi say, I am officially 46."Not until tomorrow, " I said and he said "I was born at 9:15am in Finland that means with the ten hour difference, I am now 46." At that point I wished I could say I was 46, but I am 39, someday I catch him.   Many years ago my dear husband in his bid to be romantic, (uncharacteristic for a Finn) decided to write me a poem. It was and still is a classic. He loves it and says it is still his best work. I have encouraged him to expand in his poetry skills as a willing recipient but he says nothing can top this one. So that all of you can grasp the intensity and absolute depth of my husband you have to know him, he is wiseloving, funny, adventuresome, an amazing problem solver, creative, can fix anything with wit and ease, loves the Lord, desires to live in Haiti or wherever God calls us, is passionate for change and the rights of children everywhere, his dream life to grow old surrounded by children he can teach the treasures in his mind, experiencing life through their eyes. His values, morals and judgements remain steadfast and unwavering and I am so blessed to be his wife!
Happy Birthday "H" I love you!

The poem reproduced without permission from the author. 
A Poem for my wife

Your eyes are like two brown circles 
with dots  in them. Your most beautiful 
feature is your hair, the same colour as
wood. Your skin is softer than the
cats hair. 

Yep, you can't go wrong with man with a sense of humour. Every year we remember the poem and so this year I dug it out of the treasure box, unfortunately I never dated it, but it was in our first few years of marriage. We have sure had some fun, a few more grey hairs,  today we celebrate Jussi's mom Kaarina (she did all the work that day) and his dad Leo and remember the day they held a sweet baby boy in their arms and the wonderful man he has become that I get to hold! 
Hyvää syntymäpäivää minä rakastan sinua!

Sorry Kelsey never noticed the fanny pack, nice touch, but my hair back when it was the color of wood

Loving his hockey player hair

Thanks Monkey for the Mangoes

Ti Mac and Papa

Yep that is him way up there....

Looking forward to another day like this one!


  1. Love the poem...so romantic : ). Happy Birthday Jussi!!


  2. He's right, Colleen, it can't be topped. No use even trying:)Happy Birthday Jussi!