Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things that make me think....of summer

You know how some days you get to thinking about things and one thing leads to another, then another and before you know it, you are smiling and wondering and daydreaming. Well hopefully you are not driving at the time but I rarely listen to anything on my commute to work, most days gearing up for the busy day ahead of me. I work in a program for students with special needs and it is busy...twenty plus of them and 8 or so of us...yep we are outnumbered, add that to the 1200 plus teenagers  in the halls and the fun and excitement of high school is never boring.
The other day on my way to work, I was counting down the days until summer vacation. (Yeah I know that looks bad after just having a week off for spring break) It seems that the winter takes forever to be over LOL. Here in BC it rains a lot and this year was no exception. So for all you statistic people and those that wonder why we pine for the warmth and sun of Haiti, here it is one winter in a nutshell. (I should say that quietly because I want to believe that winter is behind us)
October 2010 it  rained 17 days in 31
November 2010 it rained 24 days in 30 (yep only 6 days it didn't rain?
December 2010 rained 25 days in 31  (totalling 315 one month) grab an ark we were floating
Jan 2011 it rained 22 days in 31
Feb 2011 it rained 13 in 28
and March yeah well it rained 26 days in 31! Now I even was shocked that last month is rained 84% of the days. Maybe by then I getting used to it. Oh how I long for summer!

It is no wonder we start to think of summer, of wearing flip flops, warm breezes, camping, hiking, bbqs, haying season, and time off from school. I am thankful for the job that I have and I will never take it for granted but Lord just allow me the little times, when I escape in the warmth of summer, the sights, the sounds, and pray for the days to wing quickly by.

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