Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stop before you start...

 Strife is a word I understand in the bible to mean everything from angry, bitter disappointment to all out war. The bible tells us all about strife. Strife robs us of our blessings, it takes away the anointing, it hinders, robs, destroys relationships and allows the enemy footholds in our lives. I guess I never really thought of strife as a silent killer, a killer of relationships within families, marriages, workplaces, and the churches. It comes in many forms... frictiondiscorddisagreementdissensiondispute,argumentquarrelingwranglingbickeringcontroversyill/bad feelingfalling-outbad bloodhostilityanimosity, and conflict. 
A weapon of mass destruction...strife. I have been reading about relationships and how to avoid the enemy pitfalls when tensions get high and people get frustrated. It is very difficult for many, including me to see that giving in, is stopping the strife.  If only I had realized this before. If you don't allow yourself to get sucked in to the "I am right" or "I have to win" or  " I know what is best" then strife will never have a secure hold. Strife is never positive, and it is most often fuelled by our pride. Yep it is out, I said the "p" word. Pride is the cause of so many small disagreements that end up becoming these huge mountains that have resulted in divorce, children hating their parents, grown siblings never talking to each other, and families robbed of many years together. Like the famous Hadfields and McCoys song, so many years went by everyone had forgotten why the families had started fighting and quit talking to each other in the first place.
 It sounds crazy like when you put it into words, but just think, I bet each of us can think of an instance when we allowed pride to make a decision in our lives in regards to a relationship.

Proverbs 17:14
New International Version (NIV)

 14 Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam;
   so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.

I love this, breaching a dam, brings visions of Niagara Falls, or the levy going out in Louisiana, and all I can think of is the force of the water. The same force is the strength of how words can hurt.

To all those that I may have quarrelled with and never went back to right those situations to those that have been hurt by my words I am extremely sorry. I pray that God will hear my humble prayer, so that anything old that I can't remember will not rob my blessing, interfere with my anointing to go into all the world. What an incredible teacher the bible is, overtime I read things and each time different passages stick to me.

Today I am learning about strife, trying to understand the power of strife. There is no one at this time that I feel I have wronged, nor am I involved in any dispute. I love my family and even my kids like me, so please don't read between the lines. I am thankful that I like to be proactive and work on solutions before I am up against tough decisions. If I need counsel, I have time to pray and I have a great support team of friends and elders. I have been so blessed to be able to write and share what I learn with you. Hope you take time to ponder the thoughts and pray for your families, church and workplaces. Don't let the enemy destroy the unity that God anoints into our families, marriages and churches.!

Hmmm.....A blog on protecting unity maybe next.

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