Saturday, May 7, 2011

Top Things I Love About Being a Mom

Every year around Mother's day I scramble to find a poem I used to have on my bulletin board and every year I cannot find it LOL. The truth of the matter is, I could write about my great mom, or I could write about the gift Mother's are to the family. I could write about birth mothers and adoptive mothers and those friends that are not mothers, new mothers, first time mothers, good mother's, mothers to more kids than most of us, but ultimately Jussi summed it up at breakfast. "Mother's day and remembering your mom, should be more than just one day."
So today because Hallmark and the throes of nurseries (do they crank up their prices this weekend...I think it is a conspiracy) go all out, there are flowers and bushes of every kind, the jewellery stores and chocolates stores, are full of wares for sale. Every turn in the retail sector is splashes of "Mothers Day" this and that. I will write a blog on Mothers Day thoughts..
I love my mom, and I am thankful I can visit often,  was very close to my grandmothers, and was blessed to have a mother in law. One day in heaven we will all rejoice being together again, sharing and caring, and talking about all the things I never asked or said when they were here. So to all those that have lost a mother I will say a little prayer for you. Five years ago this month Jussi's mom passed away and we talk of her often, wish we could share success and failures, ask her for prayer and get advice,  but never forget what a blessing she was.
So in honour of being a are the top reasons I love being a mom...
(in no particular order, just random thoughts)
1. pregnancy was a chance to eat like a horse and eat weird things
2. when you are sad there is always a face and a story that bring a smile to your face
3. love being able to pawn off crappy jobs (luv it hey Nick)
4. luv nagging them to clean their rooms just like my mom did and knew they were stashing and didn't call them on it
5. at the beach or camping seeing the delight of shells, tidal pools and rare finds, as small children, and then seeing the respect for the beauty of our beaches as adults
6. Canada Day parades, lunch at Georges and Lewis guys made it all worthwhile
7. watching my children sing O Canada with reverence
8. knowing they believe in the power of prayer and will ask for prayer when they need it
9. being able to say "yes" instead of "no"
10. tears, chicken pox and flu bugs, broken bones, stitches (that was mostly Kelsey)
11. acceptance of all the others that came to live in our home, and the absolute pride as a momma to hear they were never resentful, and how they view people as people first...that is #1
12. being able to not see my point of view but loving me anyway
13. eating nachos every Friday night and calling it dinner
14. humoring me when I wanted to have help hindsight it was always painful wasn't it LOL
15. knowing when the car was leaving you were in it, ready or not...that was flexibility
16. being able to see the strengths and the gifts and wonder where they came from...
17. letting me go, when Haiti was calling and letting me miss concerts, special events and babies
18. sharing me with the many people in church who needed help, the many that came to stay for a short time, and those that just needed to talk in the middle of our evening
19. for understanding that I wanted to raise great kids and allowing me to make mistakes along the way
20. for not eating mushrooms cause Danielle said they were nasty, for not eating vegetarian cause Jussi said meat and potatoes was the only way to go, and at the same time eating a lot of chicken and stir fry as we made a happy medium in the house...See I told you once you moved out you could eat anything you wanted, sleep in when you wanted and stay up as late as you wanted...
But...I miss you all so much, I wish I could see my kids every weekend, I need kids, yesterday while making mashed potatoes, I gave the dog the beater to lick...yep I am getting desperate for a little kid time. Hopefully once school is done, there will be more time. Have a great day Danielle, Nick and Kelsey, because I love you and I couldn't have had better kids, I am so proud of you. All those times I screamed and ranted, all for naught I hardly remember them LOL, and I cant wait to see your adult lives unfold. It is exciting to be on this side of parenting. I can have my cake and eat it more socks and wrappers in my couch but still can talk to you everyday. I love being a mom!
PS Thanks, to ...Tabitha, Corey, Carly, Tor, Michelle, and Kelsea....miss all of you for the laughs and love you brought to our home.....

More to follow, computer is acting funny.....needs more coffee?

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