Monday, May 16, 2011

Safe in my daddy's arms...

When I envision the first time I held Kelsey or Nick, I remember being completely overwhelmed. Did that perfect little person come from me? How could that pain, kicking in the ribs, bloated massive belly, produce this amazing little person. I remember thinking if there is nothing else I ever do, having children is the greatest gift I have been given. For the record I still think it is amazing. Many times through their years I wondered why we were walking through the things we were, I wondered why God would allow us to hurt or to ache, to give and to take, to laugh and to celebrate all in the short time span of one day. Then it hit me, because we celebrate His creation and His spirit in us. He allows for us to grow, to learn and to seek Him, to build our faith, to see us problem solve through adversity. I wondered if it hurt Him like it hurts me when my kids go through hurt, adversity and disappointment. Yes, I figured it did.

He wants for us, what we want for our kids. Picture Him cradling us in His arms, like the proud daddy in the maternity ward. He had a tear, He had dreams, He was speechless at the incredible prefect in His sight that was before Him. I was that person, I am His and I need to remember He is cradling me in His arms all knowing that through many things He is building my faith, my confidence, my problem solving and my strength.
Say a special prayer for your kids today, send them a text and remind them how special they are and that above else you will always be their mom or dad and that you would not have it any other way.

For extra reading Psalm 139 and John 10 V 27 - 31

In my Father’s arms I am safe
In my Father’s arms there is strength
Nothing could ever come
Come between us now
I’ve heard the Father calling my name. (

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