Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crazy lazy and hazy days of summer

Snuggles at the fire pit before bed
We have been completely at odds with the weather. One day it calls for rain and then the next it calls for sun or vice versa We still have hay to cut but our painting and cleaning is almost done. This summer because we were not getting summer hot haying weather I decided to paint the deck and the posts. Once we got started well then everything needed a tlc. Before we knew it we were or I was on a roll. Somedays Jussi would come home ready to rest and I had a huge honey do list. He has been a good sport and likes what we have accomplished. So as we take some vacation time we pray that the weather will continue to shine down upon us in August so that we can alas put our hay in the barn. Happy Summer will update as we can, still have tons to say but just can't stand being inside when the sun shines. Later...C
These pictures didn't load yesterday sorry..this is the summer reno

Built a new fire pit out the back, where we had fallen trees earlier this spring

Painted decks and posts for over a week...we have a lot of deck

A friend gave us the playhouse aka fort...and our granddaughter and a friend had their first sleepover last night

I love that deer do not eat foxgloves

Moved the pond and re installed my antique sink, love it

planted more ferns this spring and found a new home for the hammock

No reno here just a summer hair cut but we love our Tucker.

Airpark walk with T dog
Swimming at the river with the kids

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