Friday, August 5, 2011

Helsinki ...Tourist Days with Jussi's Dad
I have been trying a dozen ways to post pictures.
First the free wifi did not allow enough bandwith and then using the iPad limits me and I never bought my computer because I thought this was going to work. So if you copy and paste this link. It should take yo to the pictures .c or if you have high speed it may let you view all...I will have to visit an internet cafe I think...

Helsinki the city of cultural diversity. The thing that struck me most about Helsinki is that you could recognize languages being spoken everywhere so many different people, so many different colors, so many going somewhere. it is a city where people sit and visit for hours at a time. The coffee is big but so is the beer. Beer gardens are fancy sidewalk cafes and dot the sides of the road, filled with chatter all day long. In fact I am not sure what time of the day beer is being sold, seems to be early lol. The architecture is amazing and I walked around like a tourist snapping pictures of steeples, beautiful cherub's and guilded facias. The transportation system is top notch. People value getting somewhere so the systems are efficient, move lots of people and go often. There are so many things I want to tell you but I will tell you in short form or this post will capture my excitement but bore you to tears lol.
Things that are the home!
Wild roses, birch trees, fireweed, 
H&M,Ikea,Shell gas,Holiday Inns,DHL,McDonalds, Burger King,Pizza Hut
Road construction everywhere it is summer
Things that are different or things that I noticed.
Pedestrians don't have the right of
Lots of bicycles
Stamps cost .75 € about one dollar
The buildings are all...I mean almost all , yellow, beige or red brick
No stop signs out of the city just yields across four lanes...scary
The street lights sleep, so the city is all yields in the early morning
Gluten free and lactose free is everywhere
The yogurt with fresh wild berries has been my staple
I ate cherries imported from Turkey but they do not hold a candle to BC's!
The GPS speaks in Finnish and when you exceed the speed limit it beeps..yep it recognizes where you are and the posted speed limits.

It is windy in Helsinki 
They serve beer on one of the trams...interesting commute
The gypsy people come from Romania to busier and beg on the streets and we loved the accordion music  every  street corner
Everything is very utilitarian and big, I got lost in some of the chairs, Naomi would have been like Lily Tomlin off of Laugh In..
The playgrounds for children are also plain abut functional. they have swings and slides and there is no posted signs anywhere in the city that's speaks of using at your own risk. No waivers on transit or while sightseeing. People use common sense and teach their children how to be safe.

The country of Finland is very trusting. WE arrived without customs and immigration, just walked right into the arrivals level of the airport, that was funny, nothing to declare, just come on in. 
The hotel we are staying at at the end of the week, let us store our bags without us being there or checking in yet...trusting
Stock mans is a huge dept store boasted to be the biggest in the world. The deal is if cant find it at Stockmans you don't need it.
The taxis are very expensive but are Mercedes and BMWs, driver wear ties and speak many  languages
People stay up all night on the street, maybe because the bars are open late and maybe because it never gets dark at this time of the year.
On first glance you will notice, many tall, blonde people, with straight hair. Never saw many curls or men with facial hair.
Men wear man capris, and colored jeans...Jussi not ready to grasp this fashion trend.
Everywhere you look there is stripes and plaid...I need to get me some.
I bought a purple and red scarf, it is a must have accessory, even in summer.
So far we have had a ton of fun, sightseeing old naval forts, the city, markets and shopping. The streets are all stones and very clean. The music is very 80's and the food great. My newest experience was beet lasagna. It was good, different but good.
I forgot a few important things, shampoo, conditioner and my shoes lol, but guess what...easily replaced in a shoppers paradise like Helsinki.
Right now we are on the Allegro train going to St. Peters berg , Russia, going backward upwards 230km per hour past farms and lakes and the scenery is breathtaking, the fellow in front of us is snoring rhythmically to the trains moves and I am smiling. Bucket list item number One...
I having issues posting from the iPad so I will try and get the pictures posted up ASAP...thanks c

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