Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow it is fall again!

How does it happen so fast, I mean summer being over. One day to the next and it seems like everything changes. I also work at a school so of course it is always a new beginning. This week we entered another year of educational fodder. This time to fill the brains of young people in high school of all that can and will await them if they can just get through. Oh wait, they are supposed to be having the time of their lives. So why is it, all they want to do is graduate and be done. Do they not realize what life as an adult is like? Oh please take me back to a time when my greatest  decision was the color of the earrings to match a multi colored top, or whether I worked Friday night with a friend, so we could have more fun at work? When we didn't have to pay bills, buy our own clothes and make big decisions. Being a kid was great!
We as adults in todays world have a huge influence on the young people we come into contact with. I am so thankful to be put in positions where we can discuss issues of social justice! with the bright young minds of today. I also love the vibe of high school, although the sizes of students nowadays is a marvel. What are you parents feeding these children?  It is not unusual in a school of grades 8 - 12 to find children roughly the size of ten year olds and then full grown men with beards. I can never quite get a handle on it.
But it is fall, and I love the seasons. I love the leaves and the way the light is refracted off the colors. I love the way the mornings are crisp and cold and the days warm up. I know the rain is coming but I am in denial. I love the way the lawn doesn't need to be mowed and the garden gets natural dew enough to sustain is for days at a time. I love that the hay is in the barn. I love that fall bring everyone back from holidays and church is a big party of chatter.
I love taking pictures of fall, I really do and this fall we are currently working on a fundraiser and I cant wait to start pictures of the progress. send me an email if you want to help it is going to be great!
Happy fall, C
Lancaster County Photos
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