Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catch and Release

Recently I asked some Facebook friends what they thought of when I said "catch and release". I got answers...some that made me laugh, (check out the last one below) and some that made me think. Then I thought about what is like for God when His children are set upon a path,  as we all are. Does He catch and release us?  Is the acceptance of Him as our Lord and Savior the catching into the kingdom, although we are not captive, and is the process of our walk the release? 
I got to thinking, am I walking through the life He had envisioned for me, prepared for me, breathed into me?
Or was I a feral cat, a wild animal, not willing to conform, most comfortable without rules, or a random fish fighting to get back to the place where I will die? Would I be willing to live in harmony with the plan and purpose for my life?  Would I be willing to accept it unconditionally or would I wait for the big one"opportunties " or would it be too late?
Imagine what God thinks some days, because we know he sees our thoughts, knows our inner most desires. Some of which will  obviously be against His will, some along the lines,  but on our terms,  and some that we can fangle to believe that they line up because we are a good person. 
Oh Lord it is the cry of my heart to be the wife, mother, aunt, cousin, nana, friend, employee, Christian you called me to be.
Some people need to learn from their mistakes, one of our children who will remain nameless is a "need to learn for myself" learner. Even if it was a hard lesson eventually as parents we realized this and allowed it happen. What does God say when he knows that is our learning style. I know I am a "learn from other people and from experiences" not always having to be the person directly involved. Does God look at me and say Colleen it was happening all around you and you didn't see it.  Imagine every person on this earth being His creation and every person that takes the long way around to learn something. Wow,  HE is patient and loving and merciful and always there to scoop us up.  I am so thankful for His release of me into all that He has predestined for me to experience, the happiness, the sorrow, the learning curve and the blessings. Best of all I am happy because I am a catch! 
Today as Thanksgiving approaches I am going to pray for more to be caught and launched and released into HIS perfect plan, ups and downs and all. 

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