Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grief abounds

After a very sad week at our school with a young girl taking her own life, a second young girl and her father were killed last night. The town is very small and with the two girls, 14 and 12, there are many young teens that have both as school mates if not friends. It has the entire community trying to grapple to try and understand the sadness and the far reaching grief that wraps itself around our young people. Please pray for the community of Comox and for the families of the girls, for the teachers, friends, coaches and neighbours., for the crisis management team. Pray a special blessing on the friends and fellow students of both girls. School tension is still reeling after a summer murder of a young man who had graduated from the same school. I am speechless to try and make sense of it all, but know I want to be there and be a listening ear, part of a solution to bring peace, restoration of broken hearts and healing from the inside of each young person in our valley. Nothing is too big for my God

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