Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A great year to be a writer and final blog of 2011

It has been another year of blog posts, 47 this year and over 5200 readers. That is cool. Some posts that came to me in the night and some that when I sat down to write, morphed into something completely different. I love to write and this year will symbolize the year that I became an author.  I have signed my first book deal. It is a children's story and it too morphed from the original idea but I have dreamed of writing a children story for about 5 years; this from a kid who never passed English in high school. So where is the difference, where is the change, what was the shift? It all happened with life experience and the encouragement from my husband.  For years when I was looking for a career change, he encouraged me to pursue writing, he encouraged me to spend time locked away, banging away at the computer keyboard with the relentless spell check for the part of me that didn't pass English 12.
The story is due to be out in the spring of 2012, and is called Carry me to Kinshasa. It is the story of our adoption journey and the love a mother can have for children living half way around the world, that she has never met. It is the story of her friends and family and what they were prepared to do to carry her to Kinshasa as she walked in her heart the 13808 kilometres from home to Africa.  If you are at all interested in the trek or the journey you can check out  From there you can read more and read the progress and you can also follow what we are up to. For Life Happens I will continue to write but life is going to change one day in 2012 and so I know time to write will be a gift, rare and treasured.
I am thankful for all the readers that have read this blog and if you are thinking I have fallen off the face of the planet, check out the other site and see if I am still up to something.

My favorite blog of the year would be a Super Size in January... a small tidbit.. This weekend our Pastor,  Scott Gaglardi, preached about our burdens and not the daily grind that feels like a burden, but the burdens that God has given you, that you can't escape, the kind that you cannot possibly do on your steam, the burdens that require, planning, prayer, resources, and a big dose of humility, the ones that seem like mountains. WHY... because without these burdens we cannot see our faith in action, we cannot see His control over the physical, when we reach out to Him in the spiritual, and we can't share the story of His glory.
I totally get the entire concept, but today while talking to Kelsey, we were both relenting to the facts of why some days the practical side of going, money, time and commitment seem like it over takes the faith side. Are we willing to sit and do nothing and wait upon the Lord to move in our finances or our time frame, or are we willing to look at how we can make it happen. Which brings me to the second part of that, if we waiting looks like we are doing nothing, are we really stepping out? Is we waiting look like a person that says "yes" when this happens or that happens, then I will be able to ...fill in the blank. It could be go to Africa, it could be go to bible college, it could be serving at soup kitchen , it could be raising funds for programs that work in addiction counselling. Either way you cut it, we live in a world of me, instant gratification and self serving attitudes., not in a world of faith, we are a "sure thing" culture.
This is not about raising money, or asking people to commit to anything, it is about asking are you wondering where the "supersize" miracles are? I am. I pray that there will be a day when mission fields have waiting lists, where ministries that feed the poor, have to rotate volunteers to make room for everyone, and a day when we don't doubt in our heads and follow the faith of our hearts. A day when practical isn't our first response. What is God calling you to....

God's gifts and God's call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded. Romans 11 v 29 The Message.

Yep I love this blog post....

So for this year I say Praise to God for He has shown us the full warranty, He has shown us that practical is his business and our business begins with faith.....

Blessings to you and your family for 2012. I can't wait to see all that He has planned for us in 2012...well the wait for the ride is long, it is going to be worth it....C

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