Tuesday, January 17, 2012

He fills me with love so I can overflow!

Love is a powerful word, that transcends languages, religions, workplaces and schools, there is not an environment that has not been touched by love. Love is bigger than we can imagine.

This year our lives are going to look a lot different. I am publishing my first children's story, called Carry Me to Kinshasa. It is the story of our adoption and the journey we have been on. It is also the year that we pray our children come home.

Lately we have been considering the love of God. We have been in a sermon series at our church that has had me thinking. The main message is how much God loves us. Ultimately I think as christians we all know that but do we really understand the depth of it? Are we really able to take that love and process it? If we do process it what does that look like? And if God really loves me as much as the bible says He does, then why I am not so full I am bursting and people are being touched by overflow?

So what if we took Matthew 9 and the verse about few workers and a full harvest. So often it is used as missions verse, but missions is about love and the harvest is showing, sharing, sowing and serving up God's love to others. What if we not only talked and walked the the walk but drew others to us, instead of preaching the gospel to the nations, sharing love daily?
Now I am all for going into all the nations so I don't not need to defend that here but honestly, this was an appeal from the Lord. An appeal that was seconded all over the bible, another in John 13: 34-35 says ....if you love one another, showing love to one another, not just to the easy to love, but to all.

I hope people can identify me by my walk and my talk, someone who encourages and loves their friends, someone who allows me into their dark places to let the light shine. I want to be known as a seeker of more of His love, as one who can be counted on to share His love.

I want to be known as one addicted to learning, teaching, sharing, so addicted I cannot live without it.
I know love is universal, I know love can melt even the hardest heart,  can heal wounds from broken hearts, tame wild hearts, encourage timid hearts, calm anxious hearts, settle aggravated hearts, forgive guilty hearts, sweeten bitter hearts, because the bible says LOVE never fails. It never fails, when everyone else may have given up on someone, God still LOVES and continues to work in the hearts of His children.
What a magnificent, wondrous image that is. No matter how we are, what we have walked through, where we are going, He still loves us enough to shine through and allow us to glow with His love. Why?

It is because He wants us to love abundantly, love forever, put our time and energy into something that will always be a success, it will never fail.

So this week I am going to get comfortable with His love. I am going to tell myself often certainly out loud several times at day, in my car, or at home, and during the day to myself. Not that I want o hie His love, but I also do not want people to think I am nut bar either? Yelling "God Loves Me" through the tim Hortons drive through window, but it would be fun.

This week that is my challenge, next week I will harness the blessings, and start giving away what I have.

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