Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time will tell.....

Six months ago today. Two little people spent their last night (for awhile) in Kinshasa. Watching them sleep, (I was exhausted literally so this is not too deep) I realized their world had changed without their permission, and their world was going to change a whole lot more. I imagined it happening to me and that was the good thing, because it was a long way home and I needed to up my "compassionate" tank before we left. Little did I know then that six months could go so quickly.

The summer filled with swimming and trampolining concluded with a 7th birthday party and visit with some of the Kinshasa kiddos our girls had known. Then we had our family Dedication at church, where we were married, exchanging rings and I'dos, symbolizing a life long commitment. (It was Miss G's idea, good one huh!) and then two days later the greatest little gift...Baby J. born to our daughter and husband. 

Swimming and haying and frog catching filled many hours of every day! 
We fell in love with horses!


We celebrated fall and the changing colors with our DRC tunics!

We finally got to read the book I wrote for the girls and they knew enough english to understand. Miss G started school, we enrolled in dance class, trampoline and swimming and we finished all the million medical, dental and vaccine appointments for the time being.
December and Christmas came amid shouts of loud, really loud, really really loud singing of all the new songs our girls heard each day. We celebrated Miss P turning four and the girls got to experience the snow we kept talking about. Playing in the snow, ice skating and tobogganing became squeal with delight days, kid style. ( I now had to drive to the bus stop in the snow, and had tons of wet laundry constantly drying on heat registers, so I wasn't squealing)
Time did tell. Many had said when things were rougher in the first few months that it would get better. Many said time will go fast and you will look back and  you won't believe where you came from. When they said it then, I didn't beleive. I didn't think it was going to change and I was too fatigued to think straight. (remember I am 50 and God invited me back for a masters round of parenting lol) But change came, sleep came, bedtimes got easy..honestly if you are reading this...and waiting for bedtimes to improve ...they one day will became easy. I would have been a hard sell but now I believe.

Carry me to Kinshasa became a reality in 2012, the girls came home and we had a new grand baby all in six months. Hard to top this year...but now I am not so tired and I am expectant and anticipating where our lives will go next. For now it is raising our littles here on the farm, discovering the many firsts, making traditions and history and learning together.
MissG wondered the other day if 15 was too young to have a husband and then as I was trying to scan the crowd of fellow grade one boys that maybe eyeing her up, I realized for her, fifteen was old. She cooked and cleaned at five, cared for her sister before that and has many deep personal thoughts about life beyond her years. So I put my momma bear attitude on hold for a bit and answered that indeed in Canada 15 is too young. She was happy with the answer, I started secreting plotting a convent for her teen years. Have you seen this kid, she is stunning and a smile that lights up any room. She is kind to friends, enjoys a good laugh and has started joking in English and her hints of sarcasm fit perfect in our family. Miss P on the other hand has said she is never leaving home but one of my bigs said that too, and he kept coming home for years after leaving for university.  Everyday we learn new things about them and everyday we encounter new things about us.

and now here we are...

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  1. LOVE the post! Those tunics from DRC are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!