Friday, January 11, 2013

To capture a gift so rare....

Recently I have been reading a few journals, one dated 1934, is from my maternal grandfathers early days here in the valley. The other one from 1886 was written on a ship from Liverpool to India, while travelling through the Suez canal, by my paternal great grandparents, missionaries to India and Africa. In my experience there is a not a gift so rare or precious that equals the cursive hand writing and stories of life written in OUR history book. I love it, I wish there was more, I wish I could have known and or at least been more interested so I could ask questions while my grandparents and my grandmother was alive.

I am challenged and encouraged that one day our girls will read about the road that led to their adoption and so I continue to keep track of many small details in their journals.

The journal of my grandfather's tells of cows that sold for $3 and six cords of wood for a few dollars and a hot meal. The stories of horse and buggy from Tsolum to Cumberland to sell eggs and how each outing to make a sale or consider a purchase was usually completed with a meal or least coffee and cakes. No cell phones, no texting, no sending an email, real honest, conversation about the day and the times and sharing of family events.
I can take myself back to to a time when cell phones were not invented. We had a party line growing up and had to wait until someone was finished talking. No one eaves dropped and got sued, everyone was most often respectful and honestly if we wanted to talk to someone we just jumped on our bikes and went to their house. Our parents never called a week ahead to set up a  playdate, we just did it. We had sleepovers and we talked all night, not texted friends and took pics with our iphones and up loaded them to FB. Life was simple,  in my grandfather's day, down to earth, honest days work days and when folks looked after folks. This was simple life depicted in my grandfathers journal, everyday for the year, 1934.

To me the greatest gift is the gift of time. I don't remember ever knowing or reading where someone has mentioned on their death bed, I wish I had worked more, spent less time with family and friends. Each person accountable only to themselves.

I want to be the person that has no regrets... being able to have spend time with those I love.
I want to the be the person that puts people and relationships as a priority.
I want to know that every time I say hello to somebody and ask how they are,  it was because I wanted to know and if I had to stand there and listen to how well they weren't, that I would be ok with that too. LOL
I want to be the person that tells stories and passes on history through family conversations and journals.

I want time to be the person that God has made me, wife, mother, nana, auntie, niece, friend and cousin. Walking in His purpose and plan for my life, not living life as a 9 - 5 clock watcher. .

I want to be the person who writes about life and then realizes maybe 79 or 127 years later someone actually reads it.  I know after chatting to a friend today that my snail mail letters to the older generation is a rare thing for many people. I still write notes and cards at Christmas, I still send thank you notes and my girls wrote thank you notes for Christmas gifts, my bigs write thank you notes, they respect their elders and they understand honor. They also realize there is no replacement for genuine time spent.  I pray that we don't lose sight of a few minutes of time, some change for postage or the art of letter writing. I am thankful  that cell phones and technology allow us to see our grand-baby in his first bath, that we can chat anywhere in the world almost like there are next door. I do not want to ban cell phones and text messaging but I sure do think we are moving away from conversations and replacing it with a text because it is faster and simpler and takes less time.
I want to be the person who is not stingy with time, I want to be able see history in the making and not be so busy, it passed me by. I want to see history as a gift.
And I want to capture that gift so that years from now, I can reread of the days when life was busy, crazy and a whirlwind of activity. Because this time when the littles leave home, we will be empty nesters with experience.


  1. Thank you for sharing ... Your words are precious now... and will be even more so to your generations to come <3
    God bless, Debbie

  2. always love your sharing friend, everytime I read I am reminded how much I miss ya! You hit the nail right on the head with that one....we were some of the few kids I ever knew growing up who still wrote thank you notes for gifts. I do so appreciate the written hand. It is a gift in itself. HAPPY DAY! LOVE Rebes :)

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