Sunday, February 17, 2013

Waiting Mom Life Book Ideas

When I was trying to plan the life books for the girls, I could not find many templates that I could do without knowing what pictures I would have and or the colour scheme. So I decided to create my own. I started with adoption sites and honestly I could not find many. There are a gazillion scrapbook sites...oh my.....a gazillion. Life books were few and far between but less that were free.
So I set about creating the pages I thought would work for our family. Then I created pages that I could fill in after we came home. There was time before and there has been very little time since. I am not complaining, but now I am printing pics, the girls are having a blast looking at the early days and it was only six months ago. They have grown, they have changed, and they have new friends and yet do not want to forget their friends pre coming home.
We have since added pages for friends and we have added art work they have done, we have added cd's or dvds in pouches that were made. It has been fun completing the pages with the girls. Especially the page of "Monkeys jumping on the bed" they remembered in Kinshasa how we took pics of them jumping on the bed and video, and then we had to watch short videos of those early days.
We have added their own printing, we have been blessed with family information for the family tree and we have made each side of the tree first family and family now. We have purchased some of the great adoption pages from a online scrapbook store.

I have covered up the personal information and so there is hearts, happy faces and word bubbles to protect our girls. Please do not share these pages on the internet. If there is a special page you would like the still image of so you can remember...I did that...collected images of pages that I liked, please message me at

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