Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am not missing anything....

Well today I am thinking about milestones and tombstones ha ha and the fact that I am leaving "50" behind. Fifty was a great year and honestly it was not super short, not super long and it didn't feel like I thought fifty would feel like. I personally think "50" is the new "30", but I have friends that disagree!

Can you remember what it was like when your parents turned 40? You thought man, i should start telling them what I want cause they are going to croak soon...well maybe not that bad but I do remember a conversation where we all thought fifty was one foot in the grave. 
Why was my teenaged or childhood image of fifty so "ugly", so "old" so "desperate"?
I do not feel old, ugly, or desperate, I may look it sometimes but thankfully most people rarely tell me so. (i will leave it to you to deduct that yes, some people have)

I think because it is just that,  perception. So I will tell you now, I am not missing out on golfing, or a new SUV, I don't miss eating in pubs, (giving it up for Macdonalds) I don't miss staying out late, oh wait we never did LOL, I do need to plan more but we are also spontaneous all the time, and we get out way more! Our parenting encore has us out of pre retirement planning and into fun days at local places. 

We walk, we play, we sing, we pray, we budget, we intentionally visit others and build relationships with a whole new group of people, most not affiliated with any church. We fellowship on a whim, and we talk about the incredible blessings we have. Read the list, we are not missing anything, we have gained!

In 2010 I sat in the airport in Miami for my birthday, we were on our way to Haiti, via the Domincan. We knew exactly what we would see but not what we would do. That year post earthquake Haiti, showed us the incredible resilience of the people and showed us the gift of adoption.

In 2011 I went off to work, wishing I was anywhere else but home. This was a year that aged us. We look at pictures and we are both shocked at the differences, but this is also the year we saw our girls faces for the first time. So it all pays off!

In 2012 we were joined by Kelsey and my mom and we set out to meet friends and family at the airpark to celebrate my big "50' and walk, run or wiggle. We had just over 900km to do to finish the walk for Carry Me to Kinshasa. A walk that had taken us  all across the USA, across the ocean and now had reached mainland Africa. A walk that joined a huge group of people in helping us metaphorically and financially to bring our girls home. We did finish!

In 2013 I am not cooking! I asked for coffee in bed, and when Miss G asked what she could get me for my birthday, I told her nothing, because I have all I need right here. She smiled a smile that could light up a room and said because me and Miss P are here, and I said yep, and with that she asked for a kiss. 

I love my kiddos, all of them. Saw Danielle the other day, going to see Nick sing on Friday and stay with Kelsey for a few days and I think to myself if there was anything that I could have what would it be? Time! I wished that the dates above were different and that our girls came home sooner, I wish I was 30 (knowing everything I know now of course), only because it is around 30 when I started seeking out the options of adoption.

International adoption specifically and 21 years ago, Africa. 
What took so long? 
Many things and many paths, and many great experiences.
Just for the record yes,  I will be 65 when my youngest graduates, crazy?You bet! 

But not for one instant do i feel a huge difference physically  going to take all the ailments of getting old and pray them away. I will take the experiences I have had and I will share, and I will keep playing sudoku to improve my memory, lest I forget a child at school or any other important scheduling piece. It is my own determination to be thankful that I woke up and I am alive, that gets me up early every day and the pitter patter of little feet that keeps my hopping throughout the day and one hit of chocolate daily that ends my day when everything is cleaned up and the littles are fast asleep. 
I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Want to try it for yourself? Ask me how! International Adoption !

and just for fun...a lil Pintrest searching..This is me!

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  1. Thanks Colleen! I love the new picture of 50! (I turned 50 last week!!)
    I so enjoy reading about all your works of art! Adorable!
    God bless,