Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Please excuse the gap in posts.

So as some of you may know the internet is a crazy place. Recently I found out my blog was linked to a *porn** site in the Netherlands. After a dozen plus emails, it was decided the only way to have them stop linking the site is to slow down traffic. So I had to stop posting. Now nothing was being shared with the freaks but the users of the *porn* site, would be redirected to the next url. Mine....

So after working with blogger, and wondering why I was getting 86 hits a day for my blog from the Netherlands, it was discovered.

Thankfully it had nothing to do with my site, my pics, just random computer generated url redirects. Learn something new everyday.

So we will be back up and running.


check out this link...helping kids go to camp... My girls are going to help as a way to help other kids in DRC. It is fabulous!

Blessings, Colleen ...this link is safe just in case you are wondering...this is not spam. c

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