Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happily ever after as life happens...

I love June, usually because the yard is very green, I am almost done work for the summer and the cold days of winter are behind us. Last year if the locals remember, we called it Junuary, because it was SO cold, but this month it has been nice.
I am living life a little different this year, in fact it is different than any other June.

This June I am a mother again to two littles, a mother to three bigs, a grandmother to three and half kiddos, and I literally have a houseful of crazy. PS I only have twelve chickens and a cat and a dog and six fish in the house right now.

This last few years have aged me LOL. In fact the last year has been tough enough to sharpen character and wear down rough spots, increase patience, jump start my compassion and allow me to see the world through different eyes.

I would like to say it has been easy, but it hasn't. Miss G asked me the other day, if the bible says we should not worry, why do you? I told her I was a work in progress and that it was a tough one for mom not to worry.  I love people, and value relationships and kindness to strangers, commitment to friends, dedication to family and perseverance to God.

Thankfully she never scoffed and don't quite have that all yet. (She often says exactly what she is thinking)...sounds like her mother LOL.
I know what a tall order that can be, I know it is impossible to be everything to everyone.

I do not have to worry about others judging me, thankfully I worked through that in my thirties and I am ok to say, I don't have it all together. I do ask for help and I am not afraid to be real. So take this as your warning, if you don't want to hear how it is going, don't ask, and if you think you may never see me again, then read above, and don't ask.

...because life happens.

Circumstances change like the tides, and although we have had many changes in our lives, they don't change daily, but they always change.

In my lifetime of being an adult..I have been a travel agent, bank teller, animal health tech, cashier and worked in education. I have lived in Powell River, Port Hardy, Courtenay, Cumberland, Parksville, Haiti and back to Courtenay. I been married and had children that share three different mothers.....that is just for you math folks.

I have driven a Dodge K car, a jeep, a volkswagon, an old pick up a 1964 Chevy Impala, a Toyota van, Forerunner and a Ford F250...bringing me back to the family van I now drive, on alternate days with a second Volks Golf. Life happens.  If I was told I would be mom helper again and drive a mini van I would have laughed. I was going to live my days out on the mission field.
Yeah,  that one didn't pan out the way we thought it would in the Caribbean either. My mission field is close to home, well it is HOME, providing care to the widows and the orphans.

In my lifetime as an adult, I have been blessed and can only stand in awe at the times when my tears could fill a pool, when my laughter made me pee, when God showed up when I was weary, and when friends shouted with me for the miracles we have seen.
I was reminded by Miss G, that I really have no reason to worry, for every closed door, another opens, for every crisis there is resolution.

In our home a crisis could be anything from I cant find one shoe, to there is a huge spider on the window, to said sister clicking her tongue and driving older sister around the bend. A crisis is when somebody who will remain nameless loses his wallet, keys, glasses, or phone. PS If you were Jussi's phone where would you be, days after the battery died...and silenced.

You see a crisis should be an earthquake, a forest fire, a death. Worry should come from a sick loved one, a missing child, a job loss. For the rest of the little million details, it should just be life happens.

I am going to take up my own challenge and be proactive in not worrying about what I cannot change, not call most daily things a crisis, stick to a more caribbean style of event centred culture, and live happily every after as life happens!

PSS  Are these two beauties not a reason to live happily ever after..for sure. (yes, we have watched a princess movie this week)

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