Sunday, July 7, 2013

Will you come right back....

It has been a busy week of haying and being away from the girls. So many times they would see me for a short time and I was gone again, but haying comes once a year for about ten days or two week period and then it is done. For me I am very focused on the job at hand, and although I am way less task orientated than my loving husband I do work towards the common goal with a slight competitive edge. Get it done!

The girls were thrilled that I had imported different people to hang out with them, but it was the single longest stretch of time that I have worked and been away. (in the back forty..but away)

It broke my heart after day three when Miss P stopped asking *when* I was coming back and starting asking ..*will* you come right back?

Her question had an slice of fear, a portion of wondering, and a little bit of a questioning tone. Of course, I will come right back, I will always come back. Then it dawned on me, perspective is everything.

How long is right back to a four year old?

How long is right back to mommy who has the job in her head, an idea of how long it will take without break downs or interruptions? Less than the four year old I bet.

I could answer how long I would be. So I did what every other mother who can't think of a way to explain time...I related it to a movie. If you watch Kung Fu Panda or Lion King, it is about that long. One movie long.

Seemed logical...until she ran after me, for hug number 33 and said "I will see you when you come right back!"

So I tucked in her tonight and reminded her to come downstairs when she wakes up. She looked back up at me and asked if I would be right back.


I went downstairs grabbed a drink, called the dog and when I went back up, she was asleep.

Asleep and calm, no fear, no questioning mind, she knew I would be back and so she settled into her soft bed and fell asleep.

...And I learned a valuable lesson...she just needs to feel next time when she asks me if I will be right answer will be...yep.


  1. Great summer photos!

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