Sunday, January 4, 2015 you remember me....

It has been over a year that I had computer crash after computer crash. I laughed, I cried and I budgeted, but something always got in the queue as a priority. Today I am THANKFUL that I can write, I can blog, and I do something other Facebook and Craigslist. I am the proud owner of new mac!
I actually do not know when and where, it actually started to die, but in December 2012 I bought a used laptop to hook up to the external monitor etc but it suffered just as much at the hands of my picture taking downloads.
I love and continue to take lots of pictures. Who wouldn't with kids and grand kids as cute as mine...and nature. It used to be a joke in our house with my bigs that I took way too many pictures of nature, spent time out taking pictures specifically for the light.
Now the bigs moved out and the littles think I am weird and I am ok with that.
So if you care to read the ramblings and thoughts I will try and get back in the proverbial writing saddle...giddy up.

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  1. Could you give me your google name so I can watch the homecoming video. It crashes every time I try to see it. Four times not got to the end yet.

    My email: citiesxl at

    Thanks from Vancouver.
    A. Nielsen